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From the expertise of QS Informatica in the development of mechanical applications, originate TOP for BricsCAD. A new software, born from the evolution of TOP for AutoCAD, the mechanical application from which the story of QS begins.

A story that began in the early 90s, when QS founders had the intuition to create a software that could improve the performance of AutoCAD continuing to work by parts such as the old CAD Gbg and ME10. Over the years TOP for AutoCAD has been made more and more complete, thanks to the implementation of dedicated libraries and utilities.

With TOP for BricsCAD we have brought this design method also in 3D, with many developments and new specific commands. TOP for BricsCAD was born with the aim of offering to the user an integrated environment, where it is possible to work by parts both in 2D and 3D, and it’s particularly useful for those dealing with layouts and systems.

TOP for BricsCAD keeps all the features and advantages of TOP for AutoCAD for 2D design, with an extra gear: the 3D parts work system, which offers interesting advantages compared to the mechanical applications available for classic 3D design software (Inventor and Soldiworks):

1. DWG format
TOP for BricsCAD supports the DWG format, the most widespread CAD format in the world, for both 2D and new 3D features. This eliminates any problem of conversion and sharing: the DWG is compatible with all CAD and viewers.

2. One file per project
Thanks to TOP for BricsCAD and the use of the DWG format, it is possible to create only one file per project, unlike other 3D CADs that require the creation of a large number of files.

3. PDM / PLM integration
A single format to be managed (DWG) and a single file per project make it easier to organize and manage data. Furthermore, using the same CAD for 2D and 3D does not require any additional work for the integration between CAD and PDM / PLM.

4. Data management
Thanks to parts in both 2D and 3D, the data management is extremely simple.

5. Ease of learning
For those who already work for parts with TOP, learning how to use the 3D features will be easy because the interface and the commands are the same, with a consequent time saving.

6. Lower management costs
TOP for BricsCAD combines 2D and 3D parts in a single CAD: this means significant savings.

Click on the button and download a 30 day free trial di 30 of BricsCAD Ultimate the most complete version, with all features

BricsCAD free trial download