Our history

The history of QS Informatica

The history of Qs Informatica is a history of Italian entrepreneurship within a technological market that is heavily influenced by international products. Based on the vision of its founders, the company has grown and strengthened its position by building trust among its customers. It is constantly evolving due to the fact that it offers custom software that adds to its wealth of experience.


The company’s foundation

Qs Informatica was established in 1994 in Parma. Founders PierAngelo Donati and Massimiliano Marenghi have set themselves the goal of making the work of mechanical designers quicker and more accurate. At the time, ME10 had become the leading CAD in the manufacturing market, but AutoCAD appeared to be a very promising alternative, with high learning curve and significantly lower costs. In this scenario, QS Informatica developed its first software.


The development of leading software

The founders of Qs Informatica developed an innovative application: TOP 2D enhances AutoCAD with a Parts structure that the basic software does not have, as well as with a series of additional commands and mechanical libraries that are truly unprecedented.
The PDM D&D Classic software, instead, was created to encode and automate the management of DWG files. This software was so important and successful that it is still the company’s flagship product, now available in an advanced multi-platform D&D+ version.


Strengthening our position

The company has grown steadily since then. It has an extensive product catalogue and a large number of employees. Qs Informatica is now one of the leading software houses in Italy specialising in CAD, PDM and LAYOUT. It is the official reseller of Autodesk and Bricsys for Italy. It has a widespread presence throughout Central and Northern Italy and is supported by an efficient collaboration network with 3 branch offices opened in Verona, Vicenza and Imola.